Give Hope to the children, youth and
families of The Wiregrass Area by supporting our mission.

A New Future for Those in Need


Give Hope to the children and youth of The Wiregrass Area by supporting our mission.
We appreciate your support and are always happy to discuss how you can help children and families thrive. Your gift will make a difference in life of a child, youth or teen at Wiregrass Children’s Home.

Please call the WCH office to start a conversation or schedule a tour at Call (334) 692-5100.

  Wiregrass Childrens Home

Your generous gift will enable WCH to continue serving the vulnerable children and youth in our community. What better investment is there than helping young people overcome trauma, abuse, neglect and other challenges to achieve their fullest potential?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families division, over 750,000 children are abused each year.  Of those same cases reported, 9,586 were in Alabama.   That’s one in every 100 children left aimlessly searching for a life of stability, hope and healing.

With state funding covering less than 12% of our operating costs, WCH a “501 c3” non profit relies heavily on the generosity and compassion of our community to partner with us on our journey.

This partnership is imperative to the success of our organization.  Whether your contribution is in the form of tax-deductible pledges, event sponsorships or volunteering, we value your commitment to continue our mission.

This is what we do

Provide A Safe Haven

Our goal is to extend as much love and comfort as possible during this critical time in a child’s life, reaching out to meet their every need whether it be physical, spiritual, emotional or mental.


We are capable of caring for up to 10 children at any given time, with placement being coordinated through referrals from the Alabama Department of Human Resources.


Would you like to partner with us in helping children in hard places? You can make a one-time donation, a recurring gift or you can volunteer.